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Babelina Legal Translations                     Teléfono: +34 626 832 494
Flamingos Box 404, C/Alhelies 1, Bajo 2-5    Email: babelinados@hotmail.com
03189 Orihuela Costa, Alicante, España
Wills, Heritance, Power of Attorney, Donation of Property and Real Estate, setting up a Business in Spain etc.

Oral Translations:
Police reports, Testimonies, Owners´ Meetings, annual and extraordinary Meetings of Associations, Court Procedures and Business Negotiations, Public Events. Hospital & Medicals.

Written Translations:
Home pages, Commercial Text, Minutes, Property Descriptions, Title Deeds, Statutes, Paperwork to apply for Bank Loans and Mortgages etc.

Visiting Public Offices:
N.I.E-numbers, Residence Cards, getting a Spanish Driving Licence.
Services provided